About Us.

Welcome to the Dupe Spot!

After 20 years of working with fragrances & having a perfume addiction I decided to start this venture.

The power of scent is an amazing thing, it creates memories & can change your mood.

There are so many beautiful perfumes in the world, some out of reach for many as they carry a hefty price tag. I wanted to source these from France and bring the essences to Australia to rebottle, and here the Dupe Spot (Duplication) was born.

The quality of these essences is superior & like those in stores, without the fancy bottles & price tags.

I want you to wear your favourite scents, enjoy them & have them be affordable so you can own several not just one!

We bottle them all here by hand & have selected scents we know you will love!

We are here to help you make new memories.