KOH SAMUI -  Scented room sprays 100ml

KOH SAMUI - Scented room sprays 100ml

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Enjoy your favourite The Dupe Spot Signature Fragrances throughout your home or office with our Room/Linen Sprays. Our Room Spray formulation fills your home with the luscious scents you know and love - It can be used as an air freshener, deodoriser or toilet spray**.

**Patch Test on a discreet section before direct use on fabric. Keep out of reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Z Fernandez
Fresh, sweet, Citrus Goodness!

Received as a free sample, Thank you!
Smells like a lovely, fun resort in Thailand, and fruity zesty cocktails! 🎉
Powerful fragrance. Wonderful!

Scott G
It just works

This was a sample, kindly provided by the shop, so thank you for this.
I was pretty stunned how well it works and how pleasant the scent is. It has staying power but is not overbearing.
Certainly one of the factors I am now a repeat customer.

Twinkle Lacson
Best Room Spray

I super love this room spray! It arrived today in the mail and tried it on our theatre room straightaway. I just sprayed a little on to the throw pillow and gosh my theatre room now smells soooo good!!! Thank you so much Dupespot! Will definitely try more of your other products! All the best❤️❤️❤️


We were given a sample of this room spray with our order and are so glad that we did! Until now I never would have bought a room spray from here and especially not an unknown scent name.

It smells just like lollies!! And the scent remains for a very long time!...I have just gone around spraying the whole house with it :)

I will definately purchase more!