Luxe Linen /Room Sprays - Perfume scented 100ml- NEROLI PORTORFINO

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Our luxe range of perfume scented linen / room sprays are a game changer! These are made with a cosmetic base so no oil residue, safe to use on linen & around your home !

These provide a great scent throw so only a few sprays is needed to scent your area!

These work great on your sheets, towels, washing , cushions and  more !

Now your home can smell like your favorite perfumes ! 

These come boxed so make great gifts.

Customer Reviews

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Scott G
One of the best scents.

I love the OG TFNP and tried the aroma oil from Dupe Spot and it was so good, I got this Neroli Portofino room spray.
It does not disappoint. Has power, without being overpowering and staying power as well. Smells incredible and freshens up a room like few other scents.
A winner in my humble opinion.