Our Duplication of ADDICT by DIOR #10

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Our duplication of Dior Addict by Dior is an Amber Floral fragrance for women.

A soft and seductive trail tinged with light.

* Please note our duplications are not the original fragrances we have had these created to match these scents.

Top notes

Blackberry & Mandarin

Middle notes

Jasmine, Rose & Orange Blossom

Base notes

Vanilla, Tonka Bean & Sandalwood

* Please note our duplications are not the original fragrances we have had these created to match these scents .

Customer Reviews

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McKenzie Nancy

This is such a great dupe of the original. Amazing


This is my favourite perfume but it is super expensive. I have tried a few different dupes and stumbled across dupespot. This smells like the real deal and smells friggin amazing. I ordered 3 different perfumes and this one blew my mind. I will be buying all my perfumes from here from now on. If your looking for Dior addict then this one is it for you.

Addicted to this

I always bought Dior Addict on my trip through duty frees. But I can't explain the feeling of wearing this scent. It was a super dopamine hit. Dior has played with the formula and it's sadly only available on ebay. Until The Dupe Spot. I bought Addict and I truly felt elated and happy. It is gorgeous. Naomi has a master sense of smell and the nuances of the complexities of a perfume. I so so so ❤️ this. Ps I am just a customer and am not paid to rave about The Dupe Spot. Buy with confidence. Just don't buy the roll ons. Spend a little extra and buy gorgeous fragrance sprays for less. I will be buying again. Catherine


This smells just like dior addict. I had to sell my dior one as I couldn't wear it as it gave me a headache ( strong white florals) this smells just like it but I haven't got a headache. Strong and long lasting.

Ita gorgeous!!!

I am an avid user of genuine dior addict, and wanted to find a cheaper alternative to use everyday. This is perfect 🥰 I even bought for my best friend who is an Addict addict, and she was so happy.