Our Duplication of HUNDRED SILENT WAYS by NISHANE #165

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Our duplication of Hundred Silent Ways by Nishane is a fragrance for women and men.

Created as a tribute to the most beloved perfumes in the history with a modern interpretation.

* Please note our duplications are not the original fragrances we have had these created to match these scents .

Top notes

Tuberose, Peach and Mandarin Orange

Middle notes

Gardenia, Jasmine and Orris

Base notes

Vanilla, Sandalwood and Vetiver.

* Please note our duplications are not the original fragrances we have had these created to match these scents .

Customer Reviews

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Maddy Vanderweyde
Favourite fragrance

Probably my most favourite perfume in my current collection. I get vanilla and peach cake with some woods and florals, absolutely stunning! Can’t stop smelling myself when I’m wearing this, lasts pretty well on skin and excellent on clothes ❤️


This is my second time ordering from The dupe spot and I’m as happy as I was with my first order… This scent is stunningly beautiful. My daughter walked into the room right after I’d sprayed it once on my wrist and said “you smell nice mum”… a few hours later I hugged a friend and she said, “you smell really good!”. Now it’s hours later still and I am unable to stop myself from sniffing my wrist like a weirdo😆. It’s REALLY lovely and moreish … sweet, but not too sweet, flowery without being too flowery and something making it the tiniest bit fresh as well? I 100% recommend and will 100% repurchase when I finish this bottle. I have a ridiculous amount of perfumes in my collection and this would easily be in my top 3… In my opinion, this is a very easy reach for ANYTIME you want to smell REALLY GOOD… day/night - whatever the setting … I don’t think you can go wrong with this... I must add, the service provided by this company is THE BEST… I made a mistake on my order and as soon as I realised my error and emailed Naomi, she fixed it for me straight away. Super fast delivery too. Many thanks again,
I’m a Happy happy customer 😁

Pretty, but not worth the hype

Let me start by saying I don’t have any idea how accurate the smell is to the original as I’ve never tried it, but I got this as the original is a viral scent on TikTok. I personally think it’s a little boring.

In terms of this dupe, it smells nice but the staying power is non existent. An hour , two MAX


I have never tried the original however I do have an asedos oil which I absolutely love and I really hoped that this would smell like the oil and it does. I only just received this a one day ago so the longer it macerates the stronger it will get. This was my first time trying this company and I'm very impressed.