Our Duplication of ROSE 31 by LE LABO #16

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Our duplication of Rose 31 by Le Labo is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men.

Blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity, this unique scent takes the typically soft, delicate Grasse rose and adds a unique, virile edge through the addition of assertively present woody notes. 

* Please note our duplications are not the original fragrances we have had these created to match these scents .

Top notes

Rose & Cumin

Middle notes

Rose, Vetiver & Cedar

Base notes

Musk & Argarwood

* Please note our duplications are not the original fragrances we have had these created to match these scents .

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I’m not that familiar with the original having only smelt it once or twice but by memory I think this is very similar. It definitely gives Le Labo vibes, to me there is something a bit unexpected that is hard to put your finger on. That said, I was initially disappointed with this fragrance and found it pleasant but a bit bland. It may have needed to rest or I may have needed to learn how to appreciate it properly. So if you don’t love it to start with, go back to it after a week or so and see if you feel differently. I do get rose from it and I think the cumin keeps it interesting. There’s a freshness but something smoky and more complex as well. Staying power is moderate, better on moisturised skin. Initially I thought it was disappearing really fast but on me it’s a bit like a pair of comfy jeans - it moulds to your skin and it’s actually there without stealing the show. You’ll forget you’re wearing it and then you’ll realise you’ve actually been catching its notes just while going about your day. It becomes part of you, but in a good way.

Natalie Rogers
Great Scent, No Staying Power :(

Wanting to love it…The scent is so spot on and beautiful but sadly it fades within a few hours and I’d have to spritz all day to get the same effect as its legit counterpart.
So sad about this!

Scott G
Bang on target

I received a bunch of Rose 31 stuff when I stayed in a nice place in Santa Monica, and was hooked on this smell.
After I saw how much the bottles were when I tried to hunt some down, well you know the story.
Now, I can safely say, I will never be without this smell again.
To my nose, it could not be closer. I've still got the original body lotion and this EDP punches over it, but in a complimentary way.

Very nice

I really liked Rose 31 smells really nice I'll say 93% similar to original and its excellent value.and the shipping is fast too.

Love this!

I love the smell of this one too!
I have never tried the dupe I received the sample but this one beautiful as well.